Volunteering for Engaged Encounter gives you a rare opportunity to both share and renew your marriage at the same time. As a community of families and priests focused on building and maintaining healthy relationships, Engaged Encounter provides an atmosphere of communication, openness and growth. Engaged Encounter also provides a sense of hope and inspiration, with an opportunity to change the world in a practical and effective way: by helping couples build a strong and healthy marriage.

Engaged Encounter is entirely a volunteer ministry and we need you to make it happen. It takes a large team to put on a retreat weekend, with many couples working behind the scenes to handle business and logistics.

Consider the following opportunities for involvement:

  • Presenting teams: These are the teams that share their marriage experience to the engaged couples on the weekend.
  • Host teams: These teams greet all of our engaged couples and help them get settled in.
  • Support teams: These teams help ”behind the scenes“ during the weekend.
  • Prayer teams: These teams pray for the all the engaged couples, presenting teams and religious on the weekend.

…and more. These are just an example. We also have couples managing our resources, finances, scheduling, supplies, and registration. If you have a skill, we can put it to use to benefit the Engaged Encounter Ministry.

For more information contact our Information Couple: